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Here are some of the facilities that you might find in a town:

Sports:swimming pool, sports centre, golf course, tennis courts, football pitch, skating rink

Cultural:theatre, opera house, concert hall, radio station, art gallery

Catering and night-life:restaurant, nightclub, take-away, disco

Other:Health centre, law courts, registry office, job centre, police station, petrol station (AM = gas station), Town or City Hall

Adjectives to describe towns:picturesque, historic, spacious, elegant, magnificent, atmosphere, quaint, lively, hectic, deserted (e.g. at night), bustling, crowded, packed, filthy, run-down, shabby

On the road:traffic lights, junction, a bend in the road, this road bends to the right, roadworks, pedestrian crossing (= where people can cross the road)/ zebra crossing, heavy/light traffic, highway, (in the) direction (of), safety island, speed limit, square, street, street sign showing the name of the street, subway, kerb (AM curb), pavement (AM sidewalk), road signs, avenue, crossroads, underground, tube (AM subway), subway (AM underpass)

Means of transport:bus, (at the ) bus-stop, bus station, catch/miss a bus, car, full/empty bus, to get on/off a bus, lorry, the metro, shuttle minibus, motor-cycle, overcrowded bus, taxi, trolleybus, the tube, the underground, to put down at…; it’s a five minutes’ walk from here; what/how much is the fare?; right/left hand traffic; one way traffic, outstanding; a taxi-stand, a taxi-rank, parking (no parking), dual carriageway, diversion (AM detour)

Areas of town:back street, centre, downtown, uptown, in the suburbs, on/in the outskirts

Asking the way:Which is the way to …? Could you tell me the way to …? Could you tell me where … is? Am I right for …? How long does it take me to …? How far is it from here? Can I get there by bus? It’s on the way to … . Take the first turning to the right/left. Go as far as … . It’s close by; at the top/ bottom of the street.

Phrases and word combinations:to arrive in (the country, a large city), to arrive at (the station, a village …), to go sightseeing, to see smb off, to see smb home, to do the sights, to travel round/about the city, to travel by the underground, to go by bus, tram …, to go on foot, to walk, to take a taxi, to change from NO 7 to No 12, to pay the fare, to go/walk up/down the street, to show smb around the town, to cross to the other side, to change from a tram to a bus, to lose one’s way, to be greatly impressed by smth, to attract tourists (one’s attention), to be surprised at smth, to be satisfied with smth, the rush/peak hours, ticket (season ticket).

Sightseeing:places of interest, tourist attractions, architectural monument, cathedral, church, circus, exhibition, historical building, gallery, monument, museum, palace, park, statue, theatre.


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