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Talking of the system of higher education in the USA

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Ivanov, a Russian student, is talking to his American counterparts.


Ivanov: I always seem to have a lot of questions. Take the system of higher education, for instance. It’s rather complicated in the USA, wouldn’t you say? I’m confused about a few things. Could I ask you a few questions?

Barbara, Donald: Oh, please, do. We also have questions to ask you about your country. But one thing at a time…

Ivanov: Well, then… Is there any national system of higher education in this country? And what’s the difference between private and state universities?

Barbara: Higher education in this country is not a nation-wide system. That’s a very important item. It is not tightly organized or monolithic; its institutions differ considerably in size and sponsorship. They range from two-year community colleges to major research universities of a hundred thousand students.

Donald: The next thing to know is that there’re two types of universities and colleges in the United States, as you know – private and state (not federal, mind you). The difference between them is the following: private colleges are very expensive, they’re generally smaller and the tuition fees are much higher. In the state colleges and universities the fees are lower, especially for state residents. They’re subsidized by state governments. The University of California (UC) and the State University of New York (SUNY) are two examples of such public schools. Yet it’s more prestigious to get a degree at a private university where the quality of education is almost always better, and this can make a difference in the job market later on. So it’s probably worth all the bucks that go into it, anyway.

Ivanov: I’ve also been wondering about the entrance standards. How do you get accepted into a college? Are there any entrance exams as is the case in my country?

Barbara: As a matter of fact, entrance standards and admission policies may differ considerably from university to university. First of all the applicant must have a satisfactory high school transcript which helps university officials determine the applicant’s capacity to do satisfactory work at a university. While still in high school, the student also takes the Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT for short, if he wants to apply to a university. The applicant must also usually write an essay of some kind, often autobiographical. An interview is usually required when one applies to a private university.

Ivanov: Does one have to complete for admission?

Donald: Not as much as in your country, I guess. However, one does have to complete when applying to a prestigious school. Most private colleges are competitive and so are many state colleges. But some public colleges and universities accept nearly all applicants.

Ivanov: Thank you very much for your information.


1. a state university – университет штата (финансируется правительством штата)

2. a tuition fee – плата за обучение

3. a high school – средняя школа (для детей от 15 до 18 лет)

4. Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) – тест на проверку способностей и наклонностей ученика, предлагаемый всем поступающим в университет


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