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Say whether the following statements are T( True) or F(Fals)e. If F (False), correct them according to the text.

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1. Hydrocarbon traps are considered to be ones enclosed between permeable rocks.

2. Hydrocarbon traps occurred as a result of diatrophism.

3. Porous, permeable formation isn’t surrounded by impermeable rocks.

4. Oil and gas are trapped at the bottom of the anticline.

5. The hydrocarbon trap is not filled to the spill point.

6. The existence of a distinct gas zone at the top of the reservoir is allowed.

7. The gas-oil contactis the deepest level of producible gas.

8. The gas-oil and water-oil contacts are generally tilted.


4. Answer the following questions and give more \ extra information.


1. Why are hydrocarbon traps enclosed between impermeable rocks?

2. Is there a porous formation in an anticline trap?

3. Where are oil and gas trapped?

4. Are transition zones important in oil and gas entrapment?

5. When is the gas-oil contact the deepest level of producible gas?

6. Why are gas-oil and water-oil contacts tilted?

7. What is a closure of the trap?

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WORDLIST | APPENDIX. Use the table to tell about the four major geophysical methods used in oil exploration. | Oil exploration | How to Find Oil | Form adjectives and nouns from the following verbs. | Geological Prospecting | Find the answers to the following questions. | OIL EXTRACTION | How to Extract Oil | Identify what the text is about. |

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